YANAGIBA / SASHIMI KNIFE- GINMAKI MIZU-HONYAKI Mirror Finish White #2 300mm & 330mm

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-Exclusive Item-

For professional use.

Sakai Cutlery Supreme.  Made of highest quality, made by blacksmith in Sakai city who are trained in traditional skills.

Honyaki as a term alone can refer to either mizu honyaki (water-quench) or abura honyaki (oil quench). The goal is to produce a sharper, longer lasting edge.

The Yanagiba is a Graceful, sexy, and capable of amazing sharpness.  The Yanagiba is a traditional Japanese blade that is only sharpened on one side“single bevel.” Traditionally used for slicing sashimi, they are equally at home with a roast beef, ham.  The sharpness allow you to give clean cut without ruining their natural fiber.

This Exclusive Item includes;
Ebony Sheath 
Wooden box / Paulownia
Beautiful cotton bag

Blade material: White #2 Steel  300mm & 330mm / 12" & 13"
Handle : Ebony with buffalo horn bolster,  Octagonal wheel shape

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