KA-01 KA-01

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The bonito shaver is specialty shaving tool for dried bonito and the blade is from a carpenter’s plane, reverses it and inserts it in a box. The plane is at an angle to make it easy to use, and the blade is set in the wooden plate.

The dried bonito is one of the hardest foods in Japan. To shave this hardest food, the blade must be durable and high quality and wooden plate as well.

This blade is hand forged high carbon steel by skilled craftsmen and can be removed and re-sharpened.  The wooden plate made of white oak which is tough material, for longer term use.

The blade is adjustable by tapping wooden plate by wooden hammer.  Thickness of a sheet of paper is the best thickness in between blade and wooden plate.

Before you shave Bonito

Wipe powder on Bonito surface with dry paper towel.  Do not use wet towel.

How to shave.

Shave from head side.

Tilt your bonito when you shave, this way you will find shave bonito easier when it gets smaller.

The thinner the better, you will have more aroma and flavor.

You need have a little strength when you shave bonito, not to much.

Size: 11.5"(L)x4.75"(W)x7"(H)
Material: Sen wood -box   White Oak-Blade plate
Lacquer ciating