SUWADA NAIL CLIPPERS w/CASE/ For Toenail -Free shipping


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SUWADA nail nippers are fully handcrafted one by one, from forging to finishing processes, by skilled craftsman.

Toenail clipper looks like regular nailclippers, but have straight blades. A curved blade is made with a focus on fingernails, which usually have a curved edge. Toenails on the other hand have a more straight edge, making it difficult to cut with a curved blade nipper.

SUWADA was founded in the city of Sanjyo in Niigata, an area known throughout the world for its blacksmith techniques. The manufacture of tool with the signature SUWADA razor sharp edges first began in 1926.

The world top class nail clipper
The straight blade makes easy clip on toenail
Prevent from having an
       ingrown nail
High strength steel by forging

Made of High quality STAINLESS STEEL

Equipped with a cylinder spring operating the opening and closing mechanism, the blades spread wide to trim the toughest nails. 
  • Weight: 2.85oz
  • Length: 4.5/8"
  • Made in Japan

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