Knife Sharpening Class 


Learning how to sharpen knives is an essential cooking skill.

Our sharpening class instructs you authentic technique with sharpening stone.

Our professional knife sharpener will instruct you with your skill.  Bring your knife which you use most of the time or your preferred one.  We will provide other equipment.

90 minutes beginner course is perfect for the beginnr and group lesson makes more fun with your friends.

If you have experience, our instructor will see for the next step. If you would like to learn intensively we will recommend one on one intermediate class (3hrs class).

Both classes are excellent for improving your technique.


Sharpening a knife is not just simply about grinding and sharpening with a stone. Instead, our Professional Sharpeners will ask for the minor details about the knife to successfully sharpen and restore its life. The polishing and sharpening requires a handful of different skills.  Our professional sharpener's quality of meticulous workmanship represents the pride of sharpeners who restore its life.  

Specialized tools for food 

Cut, design, presentation, and technique play an essential role in Japanese cuisine. The same could also be said of the materials utilized in our cookware. You will notice an enhanced difference in the taste and presentation of your everyday dish when using good quality tools.

We manually sharpen knives on the stone, not on the machine.


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