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About Us

「Bringing Japanese Cookware from Torrance, California」
Establish 1956 in Tsukiji Tokyo, Japan


HITACHIYA USA is a culinary store that specializes in traditional Japanese cookware. It is the second store of Tsukiji HITACHIYA. Tsukiji HITACHIYA originally began as a store that carried industrial cookware for hotels and restaurants in Tsukiji, Tokyo. Home cookware was later added to inventory in 2008. The second store HITACHIYA USA was opened in the US as a result of the owner's love for the States. His first visit to San Francisco on his motorcycle in the 70's left a great impression. He knew that he wanted to open a store in the U.S., and here we are.

Traditional Japanese cookware
The materials and designs bring about the essence of food and the strength and durability of hand crafted work. These indispensable cooking tools are created by the wisdom of Japanese culture.
Hand Crafted Cookware is easy to use
HITACHIYA USA will treasure the relationship we have with the craftsmen that have preserved the skills from long ago & share how well Japan made and handmade cookware is.



“ART” of Traditional Knife sharpening
Sharpening a knife is not just simply about grinding and sharpening with a stone. Instead, HITACHIYA USA’s Professional Sharpener will ask for the minor details about the knife to successfully sharpen and restoring its life. We sharpen by hand, repair and polish your knife to become yours.
Specialized tools for food
Cut, design, presentation, and technique play an essential role in Japanese cuisine. The same could also be said of the materials utilized in our cookware. You will notice an enhanced difference in the taste and presentation of your everyday dish when using good quality tools.

HITACHIYA USA would like to bring the wonderfulness of Japanese food culture, tradition and the goodness of handmade work through the warmth to you.