Knife Sharpening Class (Day Class)

Knife Sharpening Class (Day Class)


  • Price may change without any notice.
  • Please be advised that shipping carrier is subject to change without notice.

 Due to COVID-19, the class is temporary closed.

Knife sharpening Class

Would you like to learn how to sharpen your knife?
Learning how to sharpen your knives is an essential cooking skill.

Purpose: To be able to properly sharpen your knife.

A sharp knife does a better job of cutting or slicing food, but it also lets your work faster and safer.


Class Fee:  Day Class  (Contact us for schedule)
Our professional knife sharpener will instruct you one on one.
approximately 3 hours session.
What to bring: Apron, towel(s) and your knives (variety of knves will be better)

Cancel Fee: 

  • The day before the class 50%
  • Same day of the class 100%
Changing Schedule:
  • Contact us the day before class. (No charge)

Participant(s) will receive a 10% discount from knives, stones and knife accessories on the day of class!!