Initial Sharpening-本刃付

Initial Knife sharpening service – HONBAZUKE本刃付


With the purchase of a new knife at HITACHIYA USA, you will receive free initial knife sharpening service as an optional.  This initial sharpening service “Honbazuke” is to enhance the sharpness of blade from factory edge.  

The professional chefs do this process to make blade sharper than standard level for their sensitive work.

Our professional knife sharpener will use 3 different whetstones, coarse, medium and fine grit to make your knife razor sharp.  Please be note that blade will be thinner and leave sharpening mark on the surface.  We do not recommend it for cutting harder food use. It does not need to be done for house hold use.   All our knife collections are very sharp.

Please note that all sharpened knives are not returnable or eligible for exchange.

Please contact us for your request,