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Slicing the bread without crushing it.  This knife is made for slicing bread.
The serrated blade works perfect for cutting, slicing fresh/soft bread without crushing it.

With a serrated blade the Bread Knife can easily and delicately cut baked goods from the softest sponge cake to the hardest French baguette, without concern of damaging the blade itself or the consistency of a fragile pastry or dessert.

Please note that this knife should not be used to cut frozen food.

Mitsuboshi Cutlery started business in 1873 in Seki, JAPAN, which is well known as one of the three major cutlery towns in the World.

Since 1185 - 1333, many great swordsmith had moved to Seki in a quest for quenching soil, pine charcoal and clear water. Seki has become a product district of noted sword and its traditional technique has been handed down to the present-day craftspeople and cutlery industry.

“NAGOMI” is produced painstakingly piece by piece on the watch for chemical composites of blade material, molecular structure influenced by alteration of temperature during quenching and many other important processes. At last the finishing touch to “NAGOMI” blade edge is put by  “Master”.

This “丸 Maru” series is designed with the “Japanese Modernism” theme that will be in harmony with any style of kitchens. Of course, they have the quality that the professionals will use with great satisfaction. The smooth grip without a bump is the result of our craftsmen's strenuous efforts and handwork. We would like you to feel comfortable with our knife in your hand. 


Blade:Molybdenum steel
Blade length : 8"
Handle: Natural wood