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Enjoy your donabe cooking.

Clay heats evenly and maintains steady heat for uniform cooking, slowly heating the food to bring out maximum flavor. This Banko Yaki ware donabe has a lovely rustic design and moss-green glaze. It’s a single-lid style.  We love how its lovely look can easily take you from stove to table.

Outer Size: 38xφ31×H18.5cm/15"X12.2" x7.3"(H)  2800cc
For 4-5 people

Potter-Yasushi Yamamoto
Born in 1950.
He studied glaze at the Tokoname Pottery Technology Center in Aichi Prefecture.
He learned the potter's wheel from the late Sakon Sugie.
He learned crafts from Tatsuo Inagaki.
He mainly creates fairy tale pottery with Tatara and twists.
He currently makes tableware and clay pots.
He holds solo exhibitions at Matsuya Hankyu Takashimaya department stores.

What is Banko ware?

Yokkaichi banko ware (called Yokkaichi banko yaki in Japanese) is a form of ceramic ware produced in the city of Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture. For a long time, items for everyday use like teacups and plates, as well as pieces of art like vases have been produced here. Today, shidei (purple clay) teapots and donabe (earthenware cooking pots) are typical products. Banko ware accounts for seventy to eighty percent of all the earthenware cooking pots produced in Japan.
This craft has 
excellent heat resistance which comes from the potter's clay used for its production. The potter's clay for earthenware pots is mixed with around forty percent petalite, which is a lithium mineral that is resistant to heat. The petalite provides heat-resistant properties to the potter's clay and makes it capable of withstanding direct heatThis is a patented technique of Yokkaichi banko ware and cannot be seen elsewhere.

Characteristics of Banko-yaki Donabe

Since banko yaki is designated as traditional craft of the country, there’s no doubt in its credibility.
By also using natural mineral called petalite, it has quite a higher strength among the other donabe products.

Banko-yaki donabe has a good anti water leakage

Compared to other donabe, banko-yaki donabe is good at preventing water leakage, so you don’t have to worry about the water leakage. Also, it won’t take a long time to do the medome method as well. You can say that it’s really easy to take care of it.