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Eating your favorite ingredients with healthy way!

Steam cooking is an integral part of Japanese cuisine. It is simple and healthy way to cook. The ingredients tend to retain more of their nutrients compared to cooking in water. This pot can be used for hot pot or others as well.

It's simple and fast way to prepare your meal!  Enjoy with different type of sauce, dipping, dressing, melted cheese and many more way!  You can enjoy both cooking and eating at the table.   Because of far infrared radiation effect
cooking time will be shorter and ingredients will have more texture and retains nutrients.

Size:ø11.5"x3.75"(D) Good for 4-5people

Characteristics of Banko-yaki Donabe

Since banko yaki is designated as traditional craft of the country, there’s no doubt in its credibility.
By also using natural mineral called petalite, it has quite a higher strength among the other donabe products.

Banko-yaki donabe has a good anti water leakage

Compared to other donabe, banko-yaki donabe is good at preventing water leakage, so you don’t have to worry about the water leakage. Also, it won’t take a long time to do the medome method as well. You can say that it’s really easy to take care of it.