Knife Sharpening Class

Knife Sharpening Class


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Knife sharpening Class

Would you like to learn how to sharpen your knife?
Learning how to sharpen your knives is an essential cooking skill.

Purpose: To be able to properly sharpen your knife.

A sharp knife does a better job of cutting or slicing food, but it also lets your work faster and safer.

The knife sharpening is not simple work.  We look very carefully and determines how to sharpen the knife. Listening the sounds of the blade very carefully and when it makes beautiful sounds,  the sharpening is perfect. It can't be done by machine, it can be perfectly done because manually sharpen on the stone.  We use 100% of our senses -HEARING,SIGHT and TOUCH when we sharpens the knives.

We instruct you how to sharpen the knife using senses and technique with our knowledge and experiences.

Class Fee:   $250.00
Schedule:    Wednesday : 10:00am - 12:30pm
                    Saturday:         9:00am - 11:30am
What to bring: Apron, towel(s), your knives (2 knives)

Please wear shoes in the class for your safety.

Our professional knife sharpener will instruct you one on one.
approximately 2hours and 30minutes session. (Includes 10 min break time)

About our instructors click here.

Cancel Fee: 

  • The day before the class 50%
  • Same day of the class 100%
Changing Schedule:
  • Contact us by the day before class. (No charge)


 Participant will receive a 10% discount from knives, stones and knife accessories on the day of class!!