NOSAKU501241 NOSAKU501241

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Made of 100% Pure Tin.

NOUSAKU uses pure tin. It is common to add other metallic materials to provide durability and facilitate cutting work, but NOUSAKU uses tin without such additives. Accumulated experience of skilled craftsmen enables us to produce these unique pieces. It is made using traditional casting technique which has been passed down through generations for over 400 years in Takaoka, Japan.

Sake pitcher-CHIRORI

Boil water in the pan and turn off the heat, place this Chirori with sake in it in the hot water,
like double boiler, called "Atsukan" in Japanese.

This is how to warm up your sake.  Tin cup itself is for thermal conductivity, so once sake is warmed up it stay warm/hot during the time you are enjoying sake.  The handle is wrapped around bamboo strips to hold your Chirori sake cup easy.  Your favorite beverage will taste mild because of 100% pure tin cup. The tin is significantly antibacterial, and also known as a material with high heat conductivity. It has been believed that water in a tin container does not spoil, and tin removes excessive bitterness from sake and produces better taste. Because it is known to absorb impurities and purify water.

Enjoy your favorite drinks!