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It's unique hexagonal shape.

Oga sumi is a traditional high quality charcoal. Made by burning wood in the absence of oxygen. Its unique hexagonal shape provides efficient storage space.
The round hole that runs through the middle ensures air inflow for efficient burning.  

Oga Binchotan is a similar to white charcoal like a Bincho-tan charocoal and made by raising the temperature of a closed charcoal kiln to near 1200 ° C.  It is produced by compressing and heating large sawdust. (made from the sawdust of fruit-trees in Southeast Asia) To harden charcoal it is used natural glue like tapioca starch.  By using hardwood sawdust as material, it can burn longer and hotter with high calorific value and unique properties of hardwood. 

Oga charcoal has a uniform shape and quality for each grade, is relatively inexpensive for quality, sustains high temperature combustion for a long time, burning odor and smoke are not noticeable.

Tips for using Oga binchotan
Make a direct heat area and indirect heat area. 
Direct heat grilling
If you pile layers of charcoal it will get hotter than a single layer area. You can control heat using this way to prevent food from burning.  
Indirect heat grilling
You can try indirect heat grilling with chicken with bone, and slabs of ribs etc. Foods with glazes, marinades, and sugary sauces are best suited using this method.

Binchotan gives a great heat for 1-2 hours (burns for 3-4 hours) using a fan to blow the air to make the binchotan hotter.(as needed) 

Different between black charcoal and oga binchotan charcoal.
Black charcoal is soft, ignites easily and burns hot.
Binchotan charcoal is hard, takes longer time to ignites. (30-40min) which means it's dense. Probably Lighting the oga binchotan proved more difficult than You’d been led to believe.  But you will think it’s worth to do this effort after you taste your food.

Keep it moist 

 The Oga binchoan charcoal that produces virtually no flames and no smoke and burns hotter. It’s CHEMICAL FREE.

The meat is moist because of the charcoal releases FIR(Far infrared rays), a wisp of oga binchotan perfume clinging to it. The aroma was not too smoky taste, but you can taste it enough and spread the aroma inside your mouth.

 “It’s the binchotan that makes your grll] special and makes it unique and gives it its unique flavor.”

How to light oga binchotan charcoal
Place charcoal in a charcoal chimney or an old pot with holes in the bottom, directly over a naked flame (Example: side wok burner on your gas barbeque, or a cast iron gas ring from the hardware store, or open flame on your barbeque if high enough output) for about 30-40min.
Once the oga binchotan began to turn crimson and become ash color It is ready to cook.

 How to extinguish a Binchotan

  1. Put the fire extinguishing pot on a base and open the lid.
  2. Carefully remove the charcoal from the grill (konro) using tongs and put the charcoal into the fire extinguishing pot one piece at a time.
  3. After all the charcoal has been put inside of the extinguishing pot, close the lid.

**Using water to extinguish binchotan is dangerous as it causes the binchotan to absorb water, leading to popping pieces the next time you use it.

  Produced in Vietnam

 Starter is not included