IRON STEEL OMELETTE PAN - RIVERLIGHT KIWAME Pre-Seasoned 5.25"x7.25"x1.25"(D), 14"(with handle)


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The tools must be sturdy, they must be easy to use. And they must be beautiful.

The great advantage of iron is excellent heat retention. When you make omelette, heat is critical, cook with medium low heat is makes fluffy omelete.  This omelette pan is great for het retention to cook your omelette perfect.  

Because it applies Nitriding treatment;
There is no need to be bothered by complicated care since it’s tough on rust.
Easy to clean up.

5.25"x7.25"x1.25"(D),  14"(with handle)

Benefit of Iron
  • Chemical Free
  • Great for Slow cooking Recipes 
  • It can be as Non-Stick pan as long as proper season and cared for
  • Easy to clean up
  • Excellent Heat Retention    
  • Increase your iron level