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Paulownia is a quick-drying wood that resists the growth of bacteria, and its soft texture will not dull your blades but hard enough to prepare daily meal.  This cutting board is lightweight which means easy to carry, wash and store.

•It dries quick and repel water- It prevents turns black that usually happen to the other wooden cutting
•Light weight - Easy to wash and move
•Soft texture - will not damage your blade.

Before use: 
Rinse both sides of the cutting board well.   This process will prevent cutting board from food stains and absorb odor with water coating the surface.  Rinsing the both sides will help prevent the cutting board from slightly curving the surface.

Afer use:
Wash with water and scrubbing brush, you can use dish soap to wash off the oil.  Finish with rinsing hot water to sanitize the cutting board and dry with a paper towel or cloth.  Place the cutting board in a good air circulation area to dry well and store it. 

-You can scrub with medium grit sandpaper ​when black mold grows on the surface. 
-Do not use bleach; it causes discolor on the natural wooden material.
-Do not use the dishwasher.  The rapidly changing temperature causes cracks. 
-Do not dry or place wooden cutting board under direct sunlight.  It will cause a curving and cracking cutting board.

​Wooden cutting boards are sensitive to the rapid temperature change and dry. Do not place a cutting board under the direct sunlight.
 Wash with water and dish soap after cutting meat and fish.  The protein will stick harder on the cutting board when you use warm/hot water.
Wash with soap water then sanitize the cutting board with hot water.
 Take proper care, it will become your special item for long a term.
 Enjoy using Natural wooden cutting board!