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Seto ware

Seto City, located in Aichi Prefecture in central Japan, is center of pottery production.. One of the Japanese words for pottery, “seto-yaki”, is derived from the town’s name and means “Seto [made] thing”.

Ceramics produced in Seto City are known as Setomono (Seto ware), which has become a generic word for ceramics not only in Japan but also world-wide. Having a history of over 1,000 years and a matching tradition, Seto ware represents Japanese ceramic culture and traditions.

The most outstanding feature of Seto ware is its use of a wide variety of glazes. During medieval times, Seto was the only pottery center in Japan that used glazes. The glazed pottery, known as “Ko-Seto (old Seto) ware,” significantly impacted the development of tea bowls in Japan. Since the clay produced in Seto turns white through firing, this helps produce beautiful colors of glazes, and led to outstanding progress of diverse kinds of glazes in the region.

Size: ø5"X2.5"(H)