SMOKE CHIPS 500g(1.1lb)

SMK-020 SMK-020

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Using smoke chips for smoked food is known for giving aromatic flavor.

These are fine cut smoke chips which start and release smoke faster.  Those chips don't need to be soaked in water before use.  Just place chips on the smoker tray and start heating.*watch carefully for chips to not catch fire.  It will start smoking in a while.  When stop smoking add new smoke chips on the tray, repeat  this process till foods are smoked completely.

 Apple: Apple wood chips impart a relatively lighter color.  The flavor is mild and slightly acidic with a hint of sweetness.  Good with meat, poultry and ham.

Walnut: Walnut wood chips gives you soft aroma and tend to give a darker color to the ingredients. Slightly nutty smoke flavor. Good with meat and fish.

Hickory: The most common wood used. Hickory wood chips gives you rich aroma and gives you darker color to the ingredients.  Good with meat, especially port and ribs.  Sweet to strong, heavy bacon flavor.

Sakura/Cherry: Sakura wood chips gives you a soft aromatic flavor, mild sweet, fruity flavor. Good with meat, especially poultry.