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Yamanaka shikki - History of over 400 years

 It utilizes an original Yamanaka technique for grinding wood. The main objects produced are round utensils like bowls and saucers. Many of the wood bases for tea ceremony utensils such as tea caddies are ground in Yamanaka. 
Yamanaka lacquerware comes in two forms: mokusei shikki which is traditional lacquerware with natural wood that has been processed and painted with lacquer, and kindai shikki or modern lacquerware which consists of a urethane coating on a plastic base.
Mokusei shikki is known for having a wide variety of decorations and colorful maki-e, and artisans make sure these delicate techniques still live on today. As almost the whole manufacturing process consists of steady handiwork, in some cases a piece can take more than a year to reach completion. 

Material: Natural wood urethane coating