Kitchen knives are a lifetime investment - CHOOSE THE BEST

The best knives are well balanced and have a comfortable positive grip in the hand.
All our collections have blades of hand forged high carbon and stainless steel.  Both are razor sharp cutting edge and retain the sharpness well.                            

Beauty of sharpness 

When it comes to slicing, dicing and chopping with the great knife saves you time and trouble. We’ve all had an experience that tears comes to our eyes while slicing onions.  Have we suspected that real reason is the knife? A dull blade ruptures the cell of onion.  Since cooking knives are used daily for your cooking, selecting good quality ones that have durability, strength and balance is a must to have. Our collections are all hand made by artisans whose skill is not something like a machine, artisan’s hand, trained through years of experience. That brings knives to perfection, highest standards of quality and sharpness for perfect cutting.

Japanese knife style
The Japanese style knives are sharpened or grounded only on one side of blade which create a razor sharpness and allows for delicate work.  For slicing boneless fish fillets in to sashimi. Yanagi is the perfect one to do this job.  The thin blade cuts beautiful slices in one drawing stroke, smooth, glossy surface.  Razor sharp blade cut through the flesh without crushing or bruising it and enhance the flavor of the fish.  The Nakkiri vegetable knife is the perfect one for julienning, peeling and super thin slices(Katsura-muki)





 Western knife style
The western style knives are functional in western cooking style and have sturdy double edged blades which is sharpened on both sides.  It is a stronger blade configuration than the single edged blade.  For food preparation, chef’s knife is the perfect one.  It’s also known as a cook’s knife, all purpose knife that is curved to allow rock the knife on the cutting board for more precise cut.  For peeling, paring knife does excellent job. It also used for de-veining a shrimp, removing the seeds, skinning and cutting small garnishes.







 With the purchase of a new knife at HITACHIYA USA, you will receive FREE initial knife sharpening service as an optional.  Please contact us and make a request.

Please note that all sharpened knives are not returna eligible for exchange.

Please note that some of our products may ship from Japan.


Traditional Japanese whetstone