MASA-001 MASA-001

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Upgraded sharpness, durability and rust resistance. 
These knives were created with the painstaking efforts of the top blacksmith craftsmen in Japan. 

Gyuto knives, which are used for meat, fish and vegetable have fewer variations compared with traditional Japanese knives. Due to its ease of use, Gyuto has been well incorporated in the field of Japanese cooking.

The blade of rust resistant steel:

the molybdenum and vanadium improves abrasion resistance and rust resistance which means stay sharp longer!

The handle is made of POM (Polyoxymethelene) which is durable and easy to clean. They are also resistant to high heat and have less water absorption than other plastic handles.

This knife is from beginner to professional use.   HITACHIYA USA will meet your request to make a razor sharp blade.

Material: Molybdenum Vanadium Steel
Finish: Regular
Handle: POM
Blade Type: Double edged

History of "GOKADEN"

Japanese swords were researched after every battle and were renovated to improve its effects.  Furthermore, many talented blacksmiths started emerging during the late Heian to the Kamakura period and five producing districts-Yamato, Bizen, Yamashiro, Soushu, Mino-were established, each with their own style and technique in forging Japanese swords.  In the Katana industry, these five areas became generically known as the “Gokaden” during the Meiji period(1868-1911)