SOBA KIT (Stainless or Japanese Urushi Paint Kneading Bowl)- Let's make a homemade SOBA!


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Making SOBA noodles from scratch might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite easy:
You can eat in around 30 minutes from the beginning.
Soba Kit includes:
A Kit:
Very beautiful Urushi Laqcuer finished Soab Kneading Bowl 
Great stability.
It is the perfect curbed side to knead sobako and flat bottom provide a great stability when you knead soboko.

 Inner 12 .7”diameter and 4" (H) Weight 3.4 LBS
           Serve for 2-3 people (300g sobako)

SOBA KIRI KNIFE Stainless 11”, KOMA ITA -Guiding Cutting Board 11” and 23.5” Wooden Rolling Pin (Oak) 29.5" long

B Kit:
Very strong high quality 18-8 Stainless SOBA Kneading Bowl.
Great stability.  Wide bottom to make kneading easy.
Flat bottom that you can kneading SOBA easy.
Diameter:  Inner 17.5”  and 5” H   Weight  3.5LB (500g sobako 5-6people) 

SOBA KIRI KNIFE Stainless 11”, KOMA ITA -Guiding Cutting Board 11" and 23.5” Wooden Rolling Pin (Oak ) 29.5" long