SOBA KIT (Urushi Coating Kneading Bowl)


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Let's make a homemade SOBA!

Making SOBA noodles from scratch might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite easy:
You can eat in around 30 minutes from the beginning.
Soba Kit includes:

Very beautiful Urushi Laqcuer finished Soab Kneading Bowl 
Great stability.
It is the perfect curbed side to knead sobako and flat bottom provide a great stability when you knead soboko.


Kneading Bowl (Urushi coating)
 Inner 14 .7”diameter and 4" (D) Weight 4.4 LBS
           Serve for 5-6 people (up tp 500g sobako)

Soba kiri knife

Blade length : 270 mm (11″) / Full tang
Material : Special molybdenum corrosion-resistant steel
Edge Style : Single edged 

Wooden Rolling Pin 24"long
This rolling pin was dried for few year to prevent from warp.

This Koma-Ita is made of spruce.Spruce is very easy to handle, strong and elastic enough. The spruce dries quickly, the color is white-yellow and closed by the explore to light. It is also very durable.
Size: 10.75" x 10.6"  / 0.4" thickness 
Head / Koma part: 0.5" thickness 1.25" height
 Material: spruce