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The santoku, meaning ‘three virtues’, also called "bunka bocho", is a multi-purpose knife.

Prioritized for vegetables and fish. These are generally flatter than gyuto and have a less pointy tip. Because they are flatter, the wrist is in a more natural position and the shoulder does not need to be raised as high. These knives do not require as much room to cut, however, these knives are not used when doing Western cutting techniques that may require more room such as a gyuto knife would. These are the most popular knives in most Japanese homes.

This Smaller size Santoku knife is easy to use and doesn't take much room to store.

It's small but it has enough width to use cutting a board, not like a petty/utility knife.

Design for excellent balance and comfort to use. The blade is made of high quality stainless -Molybdenum.  Misono series are well balanced and light weight knives that are easy to sharpen while maintaining their supreme sharpness longer.

Material: Molybdenum steel
Finish: Regular
Handle: POM
Blade type: Double Edged

With the purchase of a new knife at HITACHIYA USA, you will receive free initial knife sharpening service as an optional.  This initial sharpening service “Honbazuke” is to enhance the sharpness of blade from factory edge. 
Please contact us and make a request.
Please note that all sharpened knives are not returnable or eligible for exchange.