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Get your meats and veggies ready!

It's the time of the year spending your time outdoors.
Are you ready to grill? 
You need meats, veggies, and drinks and don't forget the most important item - it's the Grill !. 

Our Hibachi Charcoal grill is made of diatomaceous earth bricks. The durability is much more advanced than other BBQ grills. Our exclusive model, with the metal strip across the body upgrades the durability.  Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock so the balance between FIR (far infrared ray) and the fire is just right and bricks were fired at 1000 degrees. This prevents from deteriorating immediately, even after its prolonged use, and are made with great durability and thermal insulation properties.

Enjoy your bbq time.

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