Everything has its time.


A customer came inside a store and he said “ Now I understood  what you said”.

He took my knife sharpening class little while ago and he was sharpening knives for his friends for himself not to forget what he has learned in the class.  Then he realized that each knife was not same, even same knife brand, same style. This is what I said, “Knife has its time” which means forging and quenching knife is very sensitive work, especially dealing with the temperature is critical.  The environment is the huge part of making a good knife, especially weather.

As a Professional, I try my best to select knives.  I look for knives which are made at best environment.

Those knives are better quality than others, even same brand, same style.  I also have particular feeling how to sharpen knife.  The angle between whetstone and blade is the critical.  Knife has right side and left side, should be switching hand when sharpen each side.  When I sharp right side of blade I hold knife handle with my right hand and when I sharp left side of blade I switch my hand. This is the tip for keeping right angle between whetstone and blade.  The small  angle makes big difference to make razor sharp or it’s ok sharp.   I am proud to say that HITACHIYA USA knife collections and our skill of knife sharpening are excellent!

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