Keep your knife "Sharp".

The cooking knives are for chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing. They do heavy duty tasks in the kitchen.
All knives blades are jagged although look smooth.  This is the reason why you can slice tomatoes without crushing.  The chopping, dicing mincing makes the blade dull for everyday use.
Here is a tip to keep your knife sharp for soft texture food.
Separate your knife for soft texture food such as tomatoes.   Sharpen your other heavy duty knives when they are getting dull and alternate the knife for soft texture food.  To repeat this you always have sharp knife for tomatoes without crushing them.  You can bring your knife to HITACHIYA USA to make your knife razor sharp!  We sharpen your knife by hand.  We also have knife sharpening service at NIJIYA MARKET Torrance Store, 182nd street and Van Ness Ave, 1st & 2nd Wednesday of the Month 9am - 4pm.

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