No need to readjust the heat!
  • Clay pots don’t heat or cool rapidly; instead, it steadily cooks the rice and gently steams it. Thus it’s the perfect cookware for cooking rice.
  • Food in clay pots are cooked through far infrared ray, which cooks the rice nice and fluffy while still leaving each grain’s texture.
  • This pot can be used for cooking stews and other dishes as well.
  • Leave the rice in the pot for a minute/ or two longer to enjoy a layer of crispy fragrant rice. Brown rice & Takikomi Gohan can also be made deliciously as well.

How to wash rice

Step1   Wash rice
Make about 4circles and drain the water. (Filtered water is recommended)
Repeat this 2-3 times. (Tap water is ok at this step)

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