One piece of iron sheet, it's hammered out over 5,000 times.

By hammering the iron sheet, the particles gets smaller, stronger and harder. And difference of the thickness of the pan makes heat evenly.  When wok is hammered small dimples are made at the same time which prevent foods from burn.

  • A sheet of iron is hammered over 5,000 times and is checked by skills craftsman.
  • By hammering the iron sheet, the iron particles become smaller and stronger.
  • Excellent heat conductivity.
  • The hammered pattern makes easier for the oil to settle, harder to burn and light weight to hold.
  • The fire strength is an important factor in preparing Chinese dishes, so the thickness of the pan is made to fit those needs.
  • The bottom is thick and at the curve where the flames reaches is made thin. This makes the heat conduction even and prepares good food.
  • It can be used many ways, fry, stir fry, stew, boil, steam….
  • The best wok that proved by professionals. Researched many years for differences between hammered and pressed.
  • Made in Japan

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